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  • Zafar - IT MAGIC - Dec - 2012

    I am writing to Niraj (WebSoftLogic) on his expertise and efficiency, professionalism and integrity in building my web site Hard Hatters...

Lawyer's Dairy

"A Complete Software to maintain your diary details on your computer".

We are engaged in developing the software since last four years and developed the easiest software ever. One who has little bit of knowledge of handling computer can easily operate this software. There is no need of any particular skill of computer to handle this software.

This Software is very useful for Managing the daily cases diary for Lawyers/ Advocates. This is a very simple and easy to use software, which store information about an advocate’s clients, opponents, cases no., Previous Date, Current Date, Next Date, court name. You can filter the data according to client name,no,case no,case name , Parties, next date etc.

You can take a print of the cases on daily basis and take it to the court with blank next date and there you can write down the next date on the blank next date column and after returning to your office in the evening you can input the data in the next date column and nothing else you will have to do, to maintain the case diary. .

Software Features

   Add Personal Details

   Add Case Details

   Add Client details

   Add payment Details

   Add Contact Details

   Add Event/Meeting

   Add To do List

   Use Calculator

   Search Client

   Search Case

   View Payment Status

   Print Report