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WebSoftLogic Technologies Pvt Ltd is invite to all Innovative and enthusiastic I.T. Entrepreneurs to Join us our hand to make digital india. WebSoftLogic Technologies Pvt Ltd a website design & development company, involve in training and development of many web applications as well as desktop application. We offering to client's for web design, custom web applications development, search engine optimization, banner design, logo design, flash animation. WebSoftLogic Pvt Ltd invites competent candidates to join us our hand .
  • Client Testimonials
  • Zafar - IT MAGIC - Dec - 2012

    I am writing to Niraj (WebSoftLogic) on his expertise and efficiency, professionalism and integrity in building my web site Hard Hatters...


Websoftlogic Pvt Ltd offers varied services - Bulk/Marketing SMS & Transactional SMS. The gateway is perfectly tuned and offers the services in different cost slabs. Before making the purchase, we offer trail SMS services and on the satisfaction of the customer we proceed with real SMS package delivery We provide a cost-effective solution for SMS..

All you need to do is prepare you customer database with valid mobile numbers, connect to the internet, trigger sending, check the SMS acknowledgment or SMS Report and disconnect. We provide control panel, wherein you can monitor the status like available SMS Credits, Validitiy, critical information etc.

Click Here for SMS Testing

Our SMS Services

   Multiple Gateway Support

   Priority messaging

   Delivery receipts for all SMS Routes

   Support for most of all the Network providers

   Premium High speed gateway

   100% TRAI Rule Safe DND Gateway.

   Faster Activation of SENDER ID's and Other service requests

   Pay only for your sms. No other hidden charges.

Our SMS Rates:

Promotional SMS @ 20 Paisa + ST

Transactional SMS @ 22 Paisa + ST